To ensure your safety and mine, and consistent with guidelines set out by the government and the British Acupuncture Council, the following changes have been made to normal practice:

Before you come to the clinic:

I send you a questionnaire for information such as your contact details, health history, main complaints and some of your systems e.g. digestion and nutrition, temperature, energy levels, anxiety. You complete this and return it to me with a photo of the top and underneath surfaces of your tongue, taken in good natural light.

We schedule a video or telephone call plus an appointment at the clinic. For established patients the remote conversation will take approximately 20 mins, for new patients, one hour. Considering the requirement to wear masks in the clinic, at least technology allow us to see each other’s face!

The day before your appointment, we do an up-to-date Risk Assessment, to check we’re both still low risk. To confirm the appointment and avoid all unnecessary physical contact at the clinic, please make payment at this stage via bank transfer.

If there is no reason to suspect that either you or I are carrying the Coronavirus, we confirm the appointment and, to avoid all unnecessary physical contact at the clinic, you make payment via bank transfer.

Soon after, at the clinic:

During our conversation, we will have discussed PPE and how to smoothly and safely conduct acupuncture. Please ask for more detailed information at any time.

Once you’re on the couch, I will feel the pulse on your inner wrists, conduct any physical examinations relevant to your complaint and give treatment.

I would be grateful if you could bring water to drink in a flask or bottle, and whilst the toilet is not out of bounds, I’d much appreciate every effort you can make to minimise touching things, to reduce ever more cleaning. Thanks very much for your co-operation in keeping everyone at Exeter Quayside Acupuncture safe.

A good example of a tongue photo

A good example of a tongue photo.

A good example of a tongue photo

A good example of a tongue photo.

Patti on a video call

Patti on a video call.