About Patti

Patti O’Brien – Exeter Quayside Acupuncture

My first career was designing and writing about gardens, from a family smallholding in mid-Devon. Sharing a couple of acres with diverse wildlife, every sort of plant I could grow and a dozen species of domesticated animals taught me about the interconnectedness of nature and the power of the light, holistic touch to heal and promote health and wellbeing.

When my children became teenagers, we moved into Exeter. Unfortunately, health problems took me to my GP whose solution seemed draconian, promising horrible side-effects. By lucky chance I opted to try acupuncture as an alternative and was wonderstruck by how treatment profoundly calmed my spirit along with healing my body.

So began my journey into Chinese medicine, a degree course at the prestigious College of Integrated Chinese Medicine in Reading, ongoing post-graduate study and a busy life of clinics in Exeter, Taunton and Hemyock.

Patti O'Brien

Special interests

Acupuncture for anxiety and depression

Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression are so prevalent in the modern world, that almost everyone seems to struggle with poor mental health at some point. Teenagers and my daughters’ generation in their twenties are a group I have found respond particularly quickly to acupuncture. I treat girls from age 14 and boys from age 16.

Acupuncture for pain relief

Pain Relief

Acupuncture treats a wide range of diseases and is best known for pain relief from lower back problems, migraine and osteoarthritis of the knee. I can’t think of anything more immediately rewarding than when patients leave my clinic pain-free.

Fertility Acupuncture


My lifelong mission has been to nurture vitality, whether in the soil to grow strong, healthy plants, in the orchard to encourage good flowers and fruit, in chickens so they lay plenty of eggs, or in bees to help them resist disease and build towers of honey comb.

Across all species, fertility is closely linked to vitality, and I am particularly interested in this field of human health and have focussed post-graduate study into fertility for both men and women, whether from a stand-alone perspective or for supporting assisted fertility treatments such as IVF.

I am committed to this ongoing study program to help couples conceive, enjoy pregnancy and bring healthy babies into the world.