Exeter Quayside Acupuncture

Are you in pain, under performing or anxious?
Unsure of the cause of your ailment or low mood?

For all the progress of the Modern Age, many people have lost the understanding of how best to nourish their own vitality, wellbeing and natural resilience.

Chinese medicine, rooted in millennia of anecdotal evidence, has built a vast body of understanding of how to nurture human health in the most natural way. And over the centuries a powerful tool, acupuncture, has been used to rebalance the vital energies when a body or mind has veered away from good health.

Anxiety and depression are so prevalent in the modern world, that almost everyone seems to struggle with poor mental health at some point. Acupuncture calms the Spirit and reminds the body of how to heal itself.

Patti O’Brien

Patti O’Brien Lic. Ac., BSc (Hons), MBAcC is a fully qualified and licensed acupuncturist. She practices an integration of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Five Element Constitutional Acupuncture and is a full member of the British Acupuncture Council.